4 min readDec 17, 2020


Everyone wants a successful job that justifies their years of education and hard work. But in this rat race, it’s important to choose a career that rewards you the way you want to and where you feel satisfied.

With the technology advancing and our requirements changing every day, the traditional job trend has shifted. It’s important to stay up to date so that you don’t waste years of hard work to do something where you aren’t valued.

So here is a list of jobs that are expected to be trending in 2021 which come with a lot of opportunities and salaries.



Data is the new oil. This is a new and buzzing option that has come into the market recently. The requirement of data scientists is increasing across the globe now. The job of the data scientist is not only to find the data but also to analyze and manage that data to help grow business profits. Since 2019, there has been a 40% increase in the demand of data scientists. And trends show that this demand would keep on increasing. Python Language is famous among Data Scientists So you need to gain skill of python from early days.

How to pursue:

For being a data scientist, you don’t need to know programming.

You can do a diploma course in data science after graduation (preferably BTech.) or you can pursue your Masters in data science.


For entry-level- it can range from INR4–12 lakhs per annum

For experience more than 5 yrs.- it can go from INR 50- 70 lakhs per annum


Machine learning is an extension of artificial intelligence. Both machine learning and artificial intelligence are futuristic technologies. Machine learning experts help to build a system or machine which can learn and improve itself on its own without a lot of programming. So basically, it is making the machine intelligent artificially by feeding it with a lot of data.

How to pursue:

This is for Engineering graduates or data professionals with 1-year experience. Knowledge in python, statistics, probability, and basics of data science is require.


For entry-level it can range between INR 7–15 LPA

For experienced- it can go up to INR 27 LPA



If you love maths, you will love this career. CA’s help to provide financial expertise on how to manage the money efficiently. They help to keep you updated with the reforms in the GST and provide timely auditing. With high demand, and less in supply CA’s are highly desirable nowadays.

How to pursue:

The CA course is done in ICAI, New Delhi. It has 4 levels:

  • Common proficiency test
  • Integrated competence professional course
  • Training under a CA
  • CA final


For entry-level it can range between- INR 8–10LPA

For experience- it can go up to INR 50LPA



RBI forms the backbone of the Indian economy. Government jobs come with their own perks and excitements. You can get many allowances like for traveling, medical, and even household allowance. Employees are given training in financial sectors around India. You must have a constant drive to learn more so that you can be properly mentored.

How to pursue:

There are various job openings in RBI. You must be in the age criteria of 21–30 and can apply for the online exam.


The salary starts with RS. 9 LPA along with which you get employee benefits and bonuses. Don’t forget the perks and incentives.



With the growing trend, people have started to focus on their health and lifestyle. A dietician after examining the body type of the person helps to make a diet chart to help them achieve their dream body. along with gym and exercise, diet is also an important criterion to maintain a healthy body that you desire. Dieticians are also in demand in the film industry, to help various actors achieve their body goals.

How to pursue:

BSc. In home science, a course in food and nutrition, or masters in food and nutrition.


It can go from RS 3 LPA to 15LPA


It’s important to keep in mind that every sector will have something to offer you. Always chose the field in which you’re interested. Don’t decide your career based on the salaries that one offers. Because at the end no matter what career you chose, your growth will lie in your skillset. Chose a career that interests you, where you will strive to learn more and excel, and not the one that becomes a burden.

So, be clear of your goal and make the best of the opportunities you get. Gear up yourself and never stop learning.